Dear ****,

what could make an at least significant (while short-termed: an ASAP to be recognized: critical macro-survival emergency issue) contribution to regain our (not so?) semi-democratic right to assemble IRL.

That is: our currently fallen right(s) to socialize just for family- & friendship-based genuine social cohesion consolidation efforts/purposes.

Which/what kind/type of purposes/efforts do I, your (NOT yet) colleague, intend to communicate here:

the hypothetical notion of existence in the ontological sense that at this momentum of human history is nothing more than just a real/fake/otherwise assumption without substantial proof....

this very phenomenon [cohesive/relationalized social relations -that is: after/whence founded AND sustained long enough & track-recorded for high_ethcal_equality-having] enough] could be popularized/intellectually_marketed also to become known as the relational building block of NOT an utopia, but an optimized balance between the bad-boy-networks [collequially named: power elites] & the common citizenries within the different nations on this egg-shaped-planet: hearth-2-hearth-society.

FINALLY: how to proceed ????:

conceptually distinguish BETWEEN



{to be developed by us; in a broader sense that must be NOT just/only the two of us & NOT them; sorry elite-folks: your academic models failed; even in within your own ego's I do guess with a little bit of gut}


hopefully to be advocated NOT to them, but towards civil societies within as many nations as possible hopefully again:


@James exclusively again: compare this proverbially to stashing as many oranges/apples onto a surface (2D) OR into a room/household-building (eat that Kushner ;-P ) 'T(h)REE-D_y????

Why all of this ??: the power-elites seem ('seem' as in the following pre/con-text: the programmer heuristics better known as the 'Duck-Test') to think in terms of land (land == surface == 2D-space), ....

____ while the NOT-2-be-declared-as-such 'international common sense community' could examine their own mentality of going along with their official governance masters whether they like to admit this or not AND conclude:it's the immediate / absolutely urgent need to self-develop an extended 'resilient planetary safe-size-policy comprised of NOT only BUT at the foundation of it: a 3D-model of stashing people on to different levels of housing-orienete-sky-scrapers.

Dear **** again,

please don't drop my text above here, but as a popular YT-channels likes to call itself: Think About It!

Yours sincerely & also kind regards,
Just a 'Citizen (fallen) in(2) 'Complementary-ianism' OR something that I owe to my friendly super-attended ONE: Jesus Christ, Saviour Again &/AND Again :-) ++