So NOT just/only Internet Kill-switch-based Censorship; HENCE do A.S.A.P.: Burn YOUR Digital Archives & Works/Intellectual-Products on BlueRay / DVD / CD of BOTH:….


Social-emotional/romantic mail-letters, photographs & video’s of those friends & family members that you hold dear


Societal/Intellectual documentation of significant & convincing value for what is considered by YOU yourself as being near or somehow otherwise relevant for what could be considered the TRUTH / MOST-PROBABLE-STUFF

[…. & also #C: this call for steadfast action is based upon the following documented logic]


A Catastrophic Blackout is Coming - Here’s How We Can Stop It | Samuel Feinburg | TEDxBaylorSchool


Letter to the Future

(This letter is from James Corbett & via Global Research


Read also the following article on/of the Daily Wire

WATCH: YouTube CEO: We’ll Remove Any Content That Goes Against WHO Recommendations


Starlink satellites train seen from earth - SpaceX (check also the info on the integrity of Elon Musk)


In Repeat: Do-Loop-Burn-YOUR-Data+Truth onto DVD / CD / any other medium that cannot be affected by any kind of EMP-attack targeted on YOUR life+world-view


Prepare for the worst, don’t cling on false short term hope, BUT: PERSEVERE, ENDURE & DISCIPLINE yourself in staying VIGILANT while forced to BE PATIENT; in short: strive for Final Victory of the Peoples of this Planet! GO!!!!